3 Countries | 4 Days | 30 Cars | 1 event


27-30th June 2019


The 4BallR #LDN2EDB is a driving event created to fuel my desire for participation in a event that takes cues from several of the things I love - Gumball-style rallies, travelling, sight-seeing, music festivals and nights out socialising with like-minded individuals.

So, what is it?

In short, it is a group of car-enthusiasts piloting cars they love to drive, from London to Edinburgh via Wales, The Lake District, The West-Coast of Scotland and various daytime and evening stops and stop-overs. At the aforementioned evening stop-overs, we will be erecting a large fully-LED lit inflatable event space to enable our live entertainment, socialising, eating and drinking, with everyone spending the night in their own (provided!) tent right there on site. I’m going for a mini-festival vibe every evening. No driving back to hotels, no spending cash on taxis, just a very short walk back to your home for the night! This happens for three nights and four days, with the finishing point set on the forth day with an end party and awards giving in central-Edinburgh. I will do my best (whatever the weather) to provide the greatest atmosphere we possibly can.

The event is designed for car fans to get out and drive their cars for pleasure along some fantastic roads here in the UK - about 1000 miles! That’s some of the most renowned roads throughout Wales, The Lake District and Scotland. The event is designed to bring together like-minded individuals for driving, fun and atmosphere. The event is also cleverly-designed to minimise the participation price as much as possible, whilst still maintaining the events’ high-standards and big goals we have set for ourselves. For fans of popular and well-known rallies, it is a great opportunity to participate in something special for a fraction of the costs associated with the higher-end events. An event for all.

We provide the venues at the start and end, we provide the tents to sleep in, we provide the evenings' event structure, some live/recorded music and facilities and we provide event information, routes, guides and advice. Everything is arranged, from start line to finish.

You bring yourselves, your car and your sense of adventure. Fuel and food/drink costs will be required naturally but that's it!

Want to join our event and be part of the atmosphere? Why wouldn't you? Limited spaces, obviously. £349 entry-fee (via BACS, PayPal or Card), includes a tent.