4Ballr brings together the adventure, the cars and the lowest costs of any multi-day uk driving event.

An idea that had festered in the mind of event director Robert Mckinstry since heading to watch the start of the 2005 Gumball Rally, was one of combining all the fun and adventure of the high-end rallies, but at a price that anyone could afford. For years, several rallies have been created, but accomodation and European costs soon eclipsed the attractive small entry fee. 4BallR has been created in order to keep entry and participation costs as low as possible, by issuing participants with a free tent and campsite and bringing sponsors onboard to help fund the event, keeping entry fees as low as possible. Gumball-levels of fun and adventure at a tiny fraction of the fees!

'All i've ever wanted to do is Gumball without spending 50k'

And we shall! My team and I have a keen eye for immense detail. Usually this pushes entry-fees up, so we have chopped, cut and sliced through the details and created something that offers real quality and adventure at the lowest possible price. Perhaps we wont have every feature of every driving event, but we will have an event that focuses on adventure and laughter - not profits. 

Our 2019 event will quite simply, be one to remember, forever. From here we will aim to create a 4BallR every year, hopefully getting bigger and bolder, but always keeping entry fees at their lowest point possible. That, after all, is the point. Future events will offer experiences in their own right, but none like the first. You never forget your first!


'No Compromises -ish'

Well, perhaps a few. Sleeping under the stars is one of them, sure, if the weather is warm and dry it will be awesome, but gales, pounding rain and a nightly-chill might mean that your nights' in the tent might be a little worrisome. Don't worry. All participants will be urged to bring anything that will aid a great (and warm) nights sleep! Think camp beds, air beds, extra blankets, thicker sleeping bags, stronger liquor perhaps? The atmosphere in Camp4Ballr will be electric regardless. We can't wait!

Get in touch: Info@4ballr.com