Saturday Morning

I’m currently sitting in my kitchen drinking an organic coffee. My head is buzzing from just thinking about the event next year. 

It’s taking a lot of time to try and get the little things right, the little things that will put this event in a division above any other U.K. driving event for years to come.

So far the response has been amazing, with people who know me and of the 4BallR already signing up which is earlier than I had ever imagined. I am humbled. 

What I want to do with this first blog post is allow you to enter my head for a few minutes, to see what I see and feel what I do about the 4BallR ‘19.

I’ve tried to combine two-aspects together to create an awesome event. Firstly, I feel that the routes and roads need to be the best that the U.K. has to offer. Believe me, if you have ever travelled  on some of the tantalising roads that the delicious combination that Wales, Ireland and Scotland offer up, you won’t be surprised to hear that we are blown away with choices that any driving enthusiast would love to digest.

But anyone can go and drive these roads. There needs to be a sense of importance, a feeling that you are part of something bigger, something epic. The U.K. will give us the best roads and most stunning views, the 4BallR will deliver the cohesion between the experience of driving, combined with the enjoyment of meeting new like-minded friends, having a great time every night and getting back out there the next day, hungry for more tarmac.

I want the various Camp4BallRs to be the jewel in the crown. Most rallies end up expensive as you find yourself booking hotels or B&Bs miles from everyone else. Where is the cohesion in that!? Not for us. I want us all to party together, whether that’s sitting about discussing cars or dancing badly to cheesy tunes. That’s where my plans for Camp4BallR come in. Imagine a central dome, big enough for everyone to enjoy. A place where we can all drink, laugh and party  - together. Your own drinks, your own foods. No pricey bars to contend with. We’ll even provide the ice.

Around the dome will be our pop-up tents. Each team will camp right on site, meaning the fun can carry on between tents or you can simply get some sleep, breathing fresh air from some stunning locations. Sleeping under the stars. No need to drive, order cabs or even walk more than a few feet. Forget the money saved, it’s the fact that we are all together sharing the experience that counts. 

And then we pack up, move on and do it all again.

For me, it’s all about the experience. I want anyone who is up for it to be able to enter. That’s why I am doing everything to keep entry costs at their lowest. £299 somehow covers a car of your choice and a mate to come along for the ride. It covers the cost of your entry-fee, your accommodation and your entertainment area.


I, for one, cannot wait!