There comes a point during rally organising when naturally, you begin to wonder what cars will be setting off from England next June.  

As I previously wrote on PistonHeads, it wouldn’t bother me if we had 80 Nissan Micras charging off the start, as long as those 80 Micras were filled with adventure, fun loving individuals who would really make the event memorable. 

However, the mind does wander and it’s hard not to imagine Ferrari’s and Porsche’s bearing the 4BallR logo spinning their wheels towards Wales. 

There are some cars of course, that I have personal preferences for and would love to have on my dream grid. It’s only natural to dream, and until the last car has registered, I won’t lessen my hopes that a Porsche 917 will rock up in full-race livery.

Thats not to say a Nissan Micra would look any less cool with a Gulf wrap, just the two might sound a little different. And then there is the performance...

Ultimately I am aware that the people make the event, with the cars the biggest interest. I am currently starting a little push to see if a few tasty classic cars feel up for our grand-tour, which would add further kudos to the event.  It’s worth stating though that I am not friends with anyone who owns a Porsche 917. Ah.

All in all, I’m sure the smell of petrol will be evocative on the day. The noise. The skin-tingling feeling as we head off around the U.K. Once again, I end a 4BallR rally task tingling with excitement!

Remember guys, you are born to live, not born to conform. Enter, for no reason other than because.