X vs F

Today I was handed the rather splendid looking key to a top of the range Tesla Model X P100D. The car had every conceivable extra, and retails at a whopping £140k. Nice.

Opening it’s rear gullwing doors, admiring its spacious interior, It’s massive screen which allows you to customise anything and everything, from ride-height to speed settings, to it’s six superb seats. Naturally, I dived in and toggled Ludicrous mode, as I'm sure everyone does, then informed the car that I was being serious and that I didn't want my mummy (those who have driven one will understand this) then... waited. 40 minutes. 40 minutes to warm the batteries and prepare for war. Now, given that I was desperately-desperate to actually drive the thing, waiting for that long was no mean feat, however it gave me some extra time to poke about and play with other settings and of course, those rear-doors. Given that i had the car parked in an area where most houses don't cost £140k, it was causing quite a stir. An age later, she was ready, and I headed off before she lost her 22" wheels to youths with bricks.

More delays. It took another ice-age to get out of suburban-speedhump hell and find a road flat enough, long enough and empty enough to press the pedal hard down, but sure enough I found a suitable bit, plucked up the courage and I pressed the go pedal. Hard. 

I was, and am still, absolutely staggered by the speed of that P100D in a straight line. It's almost indescribable. The torque generated by those motors is out of this world. Crazy, crazy car. Absolutely insane.

But this isn't a review of a Tesla. No. Because after my twenty minute, rather abusive drive of the X, I got out and returned to my abused MGF. I had thought previously that after the X, nothing would ever feel the same again, not least my £140 MGF. But the funniest thing happened. Back driving the F, and despite everything that is currently bent, broken or dangerously worn, the MGF delivers a drive that makes you feel as if you are actually piloting something. It feels agile, it feels light. It demands skill. The speed climbs ever higher with your ability to keep it high-up in the rev range, to select the lowest gear available without blowing the K Series to pieces around corners. To hear the engine and feel a pulse. If anything, the X made me appreciate the F even more. The X isn't a drivers car - it’s brilliant, it really is, and I get every accolade that its awarded, totally. But its not a car for me, not a fun car anyway, despite its sheer-speed and electronic toys. 

I could buy 1000 replicas of my F in place of that one X. 1000. Thats 0.1% of the X. On paper. In reality, the MGF is so much more, and despite everything that its hard not to love about the X, I didn't feel sad to leave it behind and head off, hood-down, in the MG. I guess that means I have petrol in my veins. Always have, always will. 

That’s why the 4BallR exists. To feed the petrol that runs through our veins.  And given the amount of petrol fumes that accumulate in the cabin of my MG, I mean that both literally and figuratively.