The Greatest Driving Adventure

The 4BallR 2020 route has now been announced!


Building on our 2019 route success, we have upped the adventure a little more, sticking two-fingers up to Brexit and making our own departure from UK-soil for our annual 2020 road trip. In June 2020 we will be starting from Wales, hitting some of the, if not the best, roads missed by the 2019 #LDN2EDB route, such as the spectacular Black Mountain Pass (described by some online publications and critics as ‘probably the best road in Wales’) before crossing via ferry into Ireland where we will again be spending our four days and three nights taking in the spectacular West Coast of Ireland, including parts of the Wild Atlantic Way (Lonely Planet Epic Drives Of The World Top 50), the Ring of Kerry through the Killarney National Park and the Sky Road in Connemara, interlaced with some of the best twists and turns in Europe before heading further North into Northern Ireland and sampling the infamous Causeway Coastal Route. I’m the biggest fan of the Scottish-roads we drove in 2019 and I hate to admit that Ireland serves up even greater stretches of tarmac that would won’t believe. A staggering drive.


Changes/Improvements for 2020 include:

·     Three nights camping with full facilities/showers

·     Revamped evenings with relaxed atmosphere and seating for all 

·     Return ferry crossings from UK

·     Reworked start and (convoy) finish line

·     New & improved challenges

·     Free luggage & tent shuttle-service for all

·     New trophies for category-winners and finishing medals for all

·     A host of recommended tweaks throughout from #LDN2EDB veterans


 Entry for the 2020 road trip will be application only with automatic entry for #LDN2EDB participants and a minimum number of 30 cars before the event is fully-confirmed due to numbers required for ferry-discounts and site booking. If it cannot be done right, it will not be done!

 For 2020, we will have a live list of entrants (Team name & car) on the website to keep people updated, an idea put forward in 2019 by participants. Again, tents will be supplied but returned at the end this time, another idea put forth by participants. 

 Entry-fee, based on two people in one car is £599 up from £349 for the #LDN2EDB. This is to cover a return-crossing to/from Ireland which are, quite frankly, extortionately-priced compared to UK to France crossings but we have hammered the price down meaning that its half what you’d pay to cross and return alone. The fee is cost-based - you pay what we do, no profits are forecast or planned.

 Deposit is £150 per car and will be fully-refunded should we fail to reach 30 cars by a set date - TBC.

 Upon confirmation of the event going ahead an instalment-plan will be set out making entry easier and more affordable for all – the underlying concept of why the 4BallR exists to begin with. Further details and plans will go live as we confirm them. As always, feel free to get in touch at

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