Q&A - 4ballr - LDN2EDB


Roughly how many miles/hours of driving overall each day?

  • The average across the four-day event is 250 miles a day, 5 driving hours plus stops for food, photos, fuel, etc.

Will there be any mechanical support?

  • Officially, no – although many participants are mechanically-minded/trained so could be of potential help if required.

Can/will people/cars join midway through the event?

  • At this point no one is joining us mid-route. Potentially a charity or sponsor vehicle could but would need prior permission.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

  • You would follow exactly the same procedure as normal in the event of an accident.

What happens if I break down?

  • Potentially a fellow participant might be able to help, otherwise a call to your personal breakdown/recovery service for assistance.

Will we receive route cards each day?

  • Yes, at the start of each day you will receive a route card detailing the suggested and tested route along with other snippets of useful information.

Can I deviate from the route card?

  • Yes. If you wish to head off route or try another road, wish to make up time or stop for longer/shorter periods, you are free to do so.

Will there be ample opportunity to fill up with petrol/diesel?

  • Where possible we will always pass a petrol station. In the more remote areas, we will highlight stations and advise filling up before continuing.

What happens if I drink too much of an evening and am not legally able to drive?

  • If you have the option of two-drivers, be wise and designate a driver for the following day and stay within limits. If you are the sole driver and are over the UK drink-drive limit (bearing in mind that Scotland has a less-tolerant blood-alcohol level) you would be advised to remain on site and leave only when safe to do so. This would compromise the following day so be warned. This is highly discouraged. Know your limit.

Can I flaunt the Highway Code?

  • Absolutely not. You have no special privileges and must obey all the normal road rules and regulations.

 Will I need to drive fast?

  • Evening sites will not open until late afternoon to discourage speeding – there would be nothing gained by speeding.


What tent is provided?

  • A fully-waterproof, tried and tested tent with enough space for inflatable mattresses or camp-beds. It has a waterproof ground sheet. Easy to pitch and pack away.

Do I have to pay extra for the tent?

  • No, the tent is included in your entry-fee.

Who will store and erect my tent each evening?

  • A tent is handed out to teams at registration at the Ace Cafe, London. Cars with no boot are to contact us for assistance. Teams are expected to pitch and pack away their own tent for the duration of the event.

What should I bring to make my tent more comfortable?

  • We’d recommend inflatable mattresses or camp beds, pillows, sheets, blankets, rechargeable light/s and a waterproof picnic blanket which can be utilised in several ways.

Will there be toilets or must I find a suitable bush?

  • There will be portable toilets available throughout your evenings/mornings.

Is wiping with a jagged-nettle recommended?

  • No.

Will there be plug sockets for charging phones, cameras, etc?

  • Bring car chargers for all your electrical items. If power becomes available, it is an unexpected bonus and you will be informed.

Are there any shower/washing facilities? 

  • We aim to provide showering facilities on Friday the 28th. Assuming you shower on Thursday morning before the event and then have access to one in whatever plans you have pre-arranged for Sunday the 30th, you should be just fine! Hand-washing facilities will be available at all times.

Can I bring my own tent?

  • No. Your tent is provided and tested, easy to pitch and quick to fold up which is everything you will need unless you have special requirements which we need to know beforehand.

How likely is it that I will be eaten by a bear?

  • Unlikely.


Will midges eat me alive on the West Coast of Scotland?

  • Potentially, yes. Bring the most powerful mosquito repellant you can tolerate and lather it on. We’ll be doing the same.

Is the evening entertainment area covered or exposed?

  • Evenings will be spent inside our large closed-roof entertainment dome.

Can I have a BBQ?

  • This depends on how dry areas are and teams will be updated before the event.

Can I bring a camping stove?

  • See above.

Is there a set time we have to arrive on site each evening?

  • No. Take your time and explore - enjoy the drive.

Will there be facilities to rinse down cars/undertake maintenance?

  • At this point no area has been assigned for car cleaning/repairs other than the parking area each day.

Is my car secure overnight?

  • Cars are parked together close to the main dome and tents on fenced/remote fields. We’d say so.

Can I bring/consume alcohol?

  • Yes, you are free to bring/consume alcohol on site.

Will there be a bar to purchase alcohol?

  • At this point we intend to hire a licensed bar for each site.

Will there be music/live music?

  • We have a PA system to play music and would like to book live acts (budget dependant).

What about the night before the start, what’s planned?

  • TBA - Stay tuned for our plans in London on Wednesday night, the 26th June.

Will anyone judge me if I dance badly?

  • Potentially, yes.

Where do we stay each night?

  • On a hired piece of land deemed suitable for all purposes by us.


How early are the starts each day?

  • We will aim to set out about 9-10am for those who can. Others are free to leave later if they require.

Can I bring and operate a drone?

  • It’s fine with us but you must conform to all legal and local laws and respect any instructions that may be imposed upon us.

How remote are the remote campsites?

  • Expect little or no phone signal in certain areas and be sure to fill up with fuel when instructed. We’d say ‘fairly remote at times’.

Medical assistance/First Aid arrangements - what are they?

  • At least one 4BallR crew member will be first aid trained.

What time does the final Edinburgh party start?

  • Arrive at Le Monde, George Street for 7pm.

What car can I bring?

  • One you love, enjoy and that is road-legal.

What time is arrival/departure on the first day from the Ace Cafe, London?

  • Arrive between 7:30am/8:00am for a 9:00am/9:30am departure.

Are stickers on the cars compulsory?

  • No. Every team will be offered a sticker pack prior to the event, you can decline if you wish.

Are there any plans for group communications (such as radios)? 

  • At this point, no official radios are planned. Potentially a phone group will be created for those who wish to communicate during the event (where signal allows).

What will we be provided in terms of merchandise (T-shirts/stickers) - and can we buy extra?

  • Working on merchandise!

Will I need to sign consent forms and for what? I.e; photos, insurance, etc

  • Yes, you will need to sign a waiver for the event at the Ace Cafe registration and provide a valid insurance document, and permission for us to use event photos with accreditation given.

What is CALM?

  • CALM is the campaign against living miserably charity and helpline, our official charity for the event. Google ‘CALM UK’ for more details.

Can I help support CALM?

  • We will be thinking of several ways to help raise awareness and funds for the charity. Stay tuned.

Do I need cash?

  • In some areas card readers may prove unreliable and cash would certainly be useful. On site our food vendors are at this point, cash only.

Should I bring a jumper?

  • Check the forecasts, prepare for all outcomes.

Do we all have to leave site together every morning?

  • No, there will be no pressure for teams to leave at the same time as others.

Do I need to book a hotel room in Edinburgh?

  • If you plan on staying at our party until late and don’t live close by, we’d recommend booking somewhere to stay. Edinburgh offers everything from a £12-a-bed bunkhouse to high-end spas and hotels. There will be time between the event finish and our final party to head off and check in, grabbing a shower and some dinner, perhaps.

What is the official finishing point once in Edinburgh?

  • TBC - We are actively searching for a finishing area to congregate before heading off to whatever accommodation we have all booked.

What time does the party end at Le Monde, in Edinburgh?

  • Currently, 1am.

When do we affix car stickers?

  • You will receive a sticker pack a week before we meet for the start, you can choose to fit whenever suits.

Will I receive a medal?

  • We have some beautiful hand-crafted trophies for winners of several categories which will be handed out on our final night in Edinburgh. Not everyone will receive one!

Will we receive car stickers?

  • Yes, through the post, a week before the event.

Food & Drink

Outside of the catering van every night will there be basics available? i.e; drinking water

  • We can offer tap water alongside drinks sold at the bar.

Will tea/coffee be available in the mornings?

  • We hope to be able to offer beverages in the mornings. If not, we will let you know where the nearest option is.

Do I have to pay for food and drink?

  • Yes, no free-food or drink is provided.

What if i'm a vegan or have any other dietary-requirements?

  • We will publicise what food has been booked for each night and will hopefully cover various options. If nothing is suitable, you will at least know to eat beforehand/bring food from a place of your own choosing.

Will there be a huge choice of foods available on site each evening?

  • Expect a burger van each night and anything offered above this standard is a bonus! Thats our minimum and we hope to push standards higher.

Will lunch be provided?

  • No, you choose when and where to stop throughout the day, giving you the freedom to plan stops based on what makes you happiest.

Will food be available on site for breakfast?

  • Potentially. If not, we will provide pointers on the closest options available on route.

Will food be available on route?

  • Yes, we will be passing places where you can purchase food.