Our route is generally kept quiet to protect the drivers, cars and camping areas, and only revealed to those who officially enter the event close to the start! Sites will include camping areas for pitching your provided tents, toilets, food outlets and evening entertainment. Literally like a travelling circus.

Here's what we can say:


Day 0 - 26th June 2019 [Wed] A meet up in Central London for pre-4BallR drinks and food. Not compulsory in any way, just an option for those that want a bit of extra socialising and to end the wait! Those wanting to drink and stay local would require accommodation and parking for the night.

Day 1 - 27th June 2019 [Thur] Registration. Cars start from the Ace Cafe London, arriving between 7 to 8am. We officially start the event by crossing the start line and drive West out of London, driving towards and through South-Wales, then heading North, tackling many well-known routes and roads and through to where we spend our first night at Camp4BallR Wales!

Day 2 - 28th June 2019 [Fri] Starting from Camp4BallR Wales, we drive North towards and through the Lake District, stopping for some amazing shots and then onwards North into Scotland. We meet up at Camp4BallR South-Scotland.

Day 3 - 29th June 2019 [Sat] Leaving from Camp4BallR South-Scotland, we progress further North along the West coast of Scotland where we spend the night at Camp4BallR West-Coast. This is a remote one, guys! Here people still use telephone boxes. You might see at stag or two. Hopefully not up close. (We have hired a ranger with a big gun - not a euphemism) Prepare for no phone signal...

Day 4 - 30th June 2019 [Sun] Waking up and leaving our idyllic Camp4BallR West-Coast, we head East towards the finish line in Edinburgh. Say hello to Nessie and then into the marvellous and historic city of Edinburgh. There we finish with a party and awards at the Dirty-Martini on George Street. Participants can either stay locally for another night (at cost - options from a £12 bunk upwards) or start heading back home for work the next day. Hardcore. (Especially if you live on the South Coast of England - We salute you!)


Everything is subject to change if we are required to make alterations. We will stick as closely to the plan as possible, but this is the nature of adventure! We promise an amazing time, regardless of the final route or weather!

All participants will be made fully aware of any changes. Typically, they will be improvements and positive tweaks.