Terms, Conditions and FAQs


This is a must-read section BEFORE YOU ENTER. Adherence to rules are compulsory. This is for all our benefits and enjoyment of the event. 


Basically, 4BallR will not take any responsibility for the way you drive, act or behave. We all want a good time, we all want some great memories and we all want to live. Respect the roads, the potentially challenging road-conditions and each-other. If you crash, it’s not our fault, it’s yours.

4BallR will not supply alcohol or food. When you eat and what you drink is up to you, although we will provide you with an awesome dome in which to do it in. Food and drink MAY be available for purchase, entrants will be fully informed of this closer to the start date. Plans are for food and drink vendors to be on site each evening.

4BallR will supply a two-man tent per team entry. Teams with 3 or 4 entrants will be supplied with a 3 or 4 man tent. Participants can additionally purchase another two-man tent on the enter page. This can be done at any point and even on the day itself (Subject to availability).

Cars only. No vans, motorbikes, trikes, quads, lorries, space-craft, hover-craft or hoverboards. Ok, maybe you can bring a hoverboard.

You cannot bring your own tent. You will need to pack whatever it takes for you to sleep well such as camping beds, inflatable beds, pillows, extra blankets, ear-plugs, etc. The tent you will be given is free. They are quick to pitch and pack. This is crucial for the smooth running of the event and starting times and will look great in pictures!

Only registered cars can participate. Cars can be changed for free prior to the event beginning via Info@4BallR.com

You can sign up using a car you currently own and then add a newer vehicle closer to the rally start. It is free to change vehicles, as long as it is a car!

In the event of event cancellation prior to the start of the 4BallR 2019, 4BallR will refund all deposits and entry fees. Teams who deposit but fail to pay the outstanding amount by the required date (February 1st) forfeit the team place and deposit and will have to re-sign and pay again if places remain. 

Places are strictly limited.

Deposits are paid via PayPal, giving you the buyer peace of mind and full-buyer protection. Deposits are non-refundable unless we (4BallR Limited) cancel the event. Full-priced entries are non-refundable as long as the event goes ahead.

You can, if you choose, avoid the evening campsites all-together and head for a B&B in town, although this is discouraged - We want to all socialise together every evening. You could, if you were totally unable to sleep in a tent (really?) spend the evening having fun and then heading off to a local B&B or even sleep in your car. Your call, but Camp4BallR is free and a huge part of the event! Potential on-site accommodation may exist. Email info@4BallR.com and register your interest.

4BallR will supply toilet facilities. Unfortunately, due to us keeping your entry fee to an absolute minimum and spending every penny of it improving the event, we have no budget for showers (yet…!). This is your mission, to infiltrate another campsite and beg for a shower. Or just avoid showering all together and indulge in a baby-wipe bath every morning. How refreshing! (Secretly trying to obtain showing facilities so stay tuned).

Common sense. If you fall, trip, break a leg or become snared in a bear trap, please don't look to sue us unless I planted the trap. We have no money (and no liability!).

Speaking of common sense, that applies to the whole event. Think first - there are many things that could go wrong, so try not to let it. Accidents happen, but they are best avoided. 4BallR will not cover you in the event of anything happening to you.

Dangerous driving, whether by excessive speeding, drink-driving, etc will be dealt with in the usual way - police. We have no special privileges, and we will be attracting attention. Think carefully and drive within the limits, of the law and your own (and your vehicle).

A valid insurance document is required at morning registration. This is for everyone's benefit and safety. You need to ensure you are covered in and across all countries (England, Scotland & Wales). No exceptions, the police may well attend with ANPR. Don't be the team who never make it off the start line! 

We, regrettably, have no option to choose or even predict the weather. We wont check, but having decent wipers and lights is essential. You can probably leave the snow-shovel at home, though. 

The 4BallR 2019 is not a race or a timed event of any sort and the route is a suggested one. It is a driving 'event'. You, as a participant in a car, are on a 'driving holiday' and part of a ‘touring assembly’. The suggested route is not a fixed one and teams are free to deviate.

Bring a sense of adventure and drop your sense of perfection! We won't drop ours, but things do and probably will go a bit ‘'Pete Tong’ at times. We will work around everything, but if a tornado hits Camp4BallR, just be understanding that it is our first event together and EVERYTHING is subject to change. Things will go wrong. Go with the flow!